Saturday, 2 June 2018

What we did in 2017-2018

Once again the Friends have had a busy year, approving quite a number of Grants towards the acquisitions of works of art and supporting other projects carried out by Glasgow Museums.

The Children’s Art Exhibition took place last October and once more the Friends were pleased to support this very worthwhile project. The total Grant was £2,080.00 which covered the cost of the cash prizes, engravings and the cost of the evening’s prize giving.

The Executive Committee was asked to award a Grant towards the purchase of the Jessie M King Book covers and illustrations. It was agreed that a Grant of up to £30,000 would be approved. £15,000 in this financial year, 2017/18 and the balance of £15,000 to be paid in the following year.

The Committee was pleased to approve a Grant of £4,000 towards the renovation of The Wardian Case which is now on display at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. Also on display in GoMA is an Exhibition called “Inner City” and a Grant of £9,000 was awarded in support of this installation.

A catalogue of the Ship Models in Glasgow Museums’ Collection is being published and the Executive agreed to grant up to £10,000 to match the cost involved.

It was agreed by the Committee to support the purchase of a frame for the Degas painting and £11,000 was awarded for this acquisition.

Altogether another successful year for the Friends in helping Glasgow Museums to purchase worthwhile works of art and installations.