Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Merchant City Walk, Tuesday 20th March 2018

On an unusually mild and sunny March day, a group from FoGM did a walk 
from the Cathedral through the Merchant City.  In addition to seeing the 
historic sights and sites, such as the Tolbooth and Tron Kirk steeples, we 
saw the bright 2014 murals on the gable ends, and the pavement carvings 
at the Ramshorn and the City Halls.

Margaret Anderson

Visit to Cathedral 28th March 2018

      This was the second visit to Glasgow Cathedral for the Friends. Marian Maudsley introduced us to the Twentieth Century stained glass which had gradually replaced the Nineteenth Century glass. The sun was shining through the windows and showed them to perfection. There is so much to learn about them.

Anne Robertson walked us through the cathedral and ably covered 7 centuries of history. Tea and cake at Cathedral House was enjoyed by all.    

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Degas from the Burrell Collection, 27th March, 2018

We were delighted to hear from Vivien Hamilton about the exhibition at the National Gallery in London: Drawn in Colour, Degas from the Burrell Collection. She concentrated particularly on the frames for the paintings and on the choice of frame for Le Foyer De Danse, which was purchased with help from The Friends.  The book about the exhibition is very comprehensive and contains an essay by Vivien on Burrell.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Friends Visit on 13th March 2018

A last minute change to the outing on 13th March took the group to the
Royal Highland Fusliers Museums at 518, Sauchiehall St. It is located in a building designed for
Thomas Annan by Honeyman, Keppie and Mackintosh in 1903 and includes
some CRM ironwork in the interior. Part of the building is also in one of the
original houses of Albany Place, the line of villas and terraces from the early
19th Century, still to be found between Renfrew and Sauchiehall Streets.
 The Museum of the Regiment, part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland since
2006, previously an amalgamation of the HLI and the Royal Scots Fusiliers
in 1959, houses a wide range of artefacts. These deal with all aspects of the life of
the regiment, campaigns fought in most parts of the world, including the
two World Wars and up to the 1st Gulf War, volunteer units, the life of
soldiers, medals, regimental silver, and so much more. It was really
fascinating, was much enjoyed and, as was commented, needs several
visits to take it all in.

Margaret Anderson