Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Angels Galore!

The Heavens were indeed kind to FoGM members for their recent full – day excursion, which started with the "Angels" exhibition at St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. Meeting on a crisp and clear morning , the organizer of "Angels", Learning & Access curator , Harry Dunlop , gave an entertaining introduction to the contents and context of this highly successful and popular exhibition. Free time was spent in enjoying the wide variety of artefacts on display, spanning the centuries and personal tastes, with "Angels" from the dawn of antiquity to the present day. Featuring audio/visual testimonies from a wide range of world religions and beliefs, accompanied by personal anecdotes and artwork from the visiting public, the exhibition has proved to have an appeal for a wide audience.
The afternoon visit was to Govan Old Parish Church. A guided tour had been arranged of the famous early Christian, highly - decorative, carved stones, 31 of which still survive and the remarkable group of five hogback monuments. Spanning the 9th to 11th centuries, they represent one of the largest collections of early medieval sculpture in Scotland. No less interesting and beautiful , was the vast array of luminous stained glass windows, installed in this late 19th century building, by its first minister, Dr. John MacLeod , who broke with tradition in his determination that the style and subject matter of the windows should be inter-related and not a random choice donated by members of the congregation.

Morna Mathers.
Examining the Stones
(Courtesy of Frances Dryburgh)